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Please note that all hacking data and patches are meant for v1.0 of the game unless specified otherwise.

Hacking docs
Battle formation odds disassembly
Boss command script offsets
Character portrait data
Character sprites
Cursed Shld battle number check
Dance offsets
Enemy command script tutorial
Enemy command script doc
Enemy command script relocation walkthrough
Enemy Special graphics
Evade/M.Block value editing
Graphics animation + respective pointers
Magic stats
Monster AI Function Tables
Skills Start with/Level up Mods
Weapons, Magics, and Monsters graphics and sound data
ZED's miscellaneous notes

Monster Patches

This patch introduces a new villain in place of Hidon: Golbeze. He has a new type of defense, a few new spells, and a few evil tactics up his sleeves. Watch out for his minions who have taken over the cave! This patch is not the most difficult to play through, but is very close to leaving the game completely playable. Just watch out for the beginning monsters as Golbeze's script took a few of their scripts up. I believe Guard may have all of Golbeze's attacks, so as with the other monster hacks I've made, do NOT play from the beginning. I don't know what trouble you may run into if you do.

The patch that started the monster craze, and interestingly enough, lost the fight for which it was named. ^_^

This patch once contained Heaven/Hell/Speck 2, but I think Hell is the only one left of the trio. It also contains Gen. Leo and Virgo IV, two mighty brawlers that still scare some people to this day even with their primitive code, and it also features the deadly Kimerus 1, who has very few weaknesses and many combo, death, and status attacks. With this download also comes the famous Kimerus 2, one of the hardest monsters out there and one of the few female creations. She likes to morph your members into Ragnarok swords for her use, and the best way to beat her is to stop her from morphing the team. Also, if you really need a challenge, try casting Ultima just once at her. Only one has beaten the massive retort so far....

Don't play through from the beginning, as most of the monsters don't have a script.

A very interesting enemy. Not only is this my first publicly released event hack, but it is also one of the most hack-protected monsters I have ever created. Image has 40,000 HP at 5 intervals, but the interesting thing here is that not only is he invisible, he moves around the battlefield to dodge your attacks, and anything that targets multiple monsters is cancelled! Why is that a problem? Well, even though this is a simulation of one monster, there are six targets, and only one at any given time can be struck. His counters are mostly viscious, especially his final attacks, and his normal attack sets produce combos from hell with custom spells that wreak all kinds of status havoc on the party, and that's pretty much from the start! In short, this is the Son of Sun battle from Chrono Trigger on crack. I don't know if he can be beaten, but the design is so elaborate and original even given the fight the idea might have originated from that I had to release it anyway, if anything to boost my own ego with the fact I could make something beautiful like this.

In case you give up before you ever see Image, Image is just a Guard with an all black palette. Nothing special graphically. Also, if you hack into this, you may run across Heaven V2, Hell II, and Speck 13. This hack was to be a redo of Heaven and Hell with Image as a surprise, but Image was just too good alone. ^_^

Beware if you start a new game, the Phantom Train has access to the Injustice spell (a custom Joker Doom-type spell) in place of Scar Beam (so you may not even see it thankfully) and Speck has become Speck 13. I don't think his attack set has been changed though, so you may not have to worry about it.

A six month project that I think fell flat on its face. I overworked it, so sue me. If you've played the other two, you know why. The Kimerus name had a rep to maintain. I dunno if it really did the job, but anywho. This monster contains an ability not entirely unlike that of Golbeze called Ignore Defense cancel, which forces all spells used against it to have that property stripped from them, so that even Ultima won't exactly save you against it. It may not scratch it if you're that weak. A few other abilities as well, try it out. This is the second hack to employ the Dark Forest background, but was the entire reason I made it in the first place. This monster is also one of the few in this day and age NOT to employ the HP loop. It was an acceptable risk though, given that Ignore Defense cancel I already mentioned. :)

I slapped this together and bug tested it for all about... 3 hours I think. Anyway, this is a new monster that I made for the hell of it, as a test to see just how difficult another of my monster projects could be and how careful I should be in the attack selection. I don't really know how difficult this guy is, he has 40000 HP at ? intervals.

Yes, ? intervals. It says 4 in the code but I don't know for sure if it will be 4.

Anywayz, the most noticable features about 7-Z are the fact he uses the Dark Forest background and his first attack is Atma's glow w/ an Ultima sound effect, which means that he's the first custom to have a sound effect ala Telstar (that I know of).

Can be found in Thamasa's forest in the WOR. Valdor has Ignore Defense cancel and Mimic (two traits of K3), while killing Vargas, however badly he's beating you, is not recommended. A good challenging fight, if you like fast-paced brawls.

Miscellaneous Patches

This patch stops the Rage command from inflicting Rage status on the user, forces the game to use the associated spell, Special, etc. instead of randomizing between it and Battle, and allows you to aim your attack freely. The effects of entering a Rage remain unchanged. This results in the ability to stack the protections and weaknesses of multiple Rages on top of each other even though things like instant death protection, Undead, etc. are still replaced and dependent on the last Rage used as always. With Gau at your full control, maybe some of you will actually take a new liking to him.

Makes the sasquatch controllable, along with hacks to allow Umaro to use all of his attacks. Be sure you have something to hack your save with though (there is a recommendation in the readme if you don't).

You MUST read the readme for this hack, it does require a little explanation.

This hack is incomplete (the four Fight commands for Umaro need a text hack), but will probably not see an update anytime soon. If you can remember what the commands do (it isn't hard), then it shouldn't matter to you one way or the other.

A gem for you impatient brats used to Anthology's O button dash ability; these patches add the same functionality to FF3/6j through the B button. There are three different patches depending on how you want to go about things:

ff3dashA - This destroys the anti-sprint event flag check with a check for the B button. If B is held, you'll dash as if you had Sprint Shoes on. This patch is for compatibility, leaving out the shoes + dash combined speed feature so it doesn't take up any free space. It is compatible not only with FF3us, but FF6j as well since the code and its location is the same. This is the only patch that can be used with FF6j, by the way, and does not pay attention to custom button configurations as it wasn't made with that in mind. How could it anyway given it works with FF3us as well?

ff3dashB - Eats a little free space to add a more accurate dash ability. Now you can use Sprint Shoes and dash combined, but this patch doesn't work with FF6j as a result. This patch keeps the anti-sprint event flag check.

ff3dashC - Same as B, except it deliberately overwrites the event flag check.

Note that all three patches are compatible with FF3us v1.0 and v1.1. Assembly commentary is in the readme for the curious and hackers worried about what free space was taken up.

This patch fixes the behavior of the FC 05 enemy script conditional command. In the normal game, FC 05 counterattacks the first damaging blow dealt (HP or MP), and after that it counterattacks anything. The bugfix makes it so that FC 05 only counterattacks HP or MP damaging attacks. This should, at the same time, fix a targeting bug in which FC 05 doesn't change targets if the last attacker didn't do damage, since now it only counters HP or MP damaging attacks.

A hack specifically for monster writers. This changes F6 to use the value of its first parameter as the command to use (01 = Item, 02 = Magic, etc.). It does not change any scripts however, so whether all of the monster scripts are compatible is up to you, as you will have to do the work there. If you don't care though, just apply this, grab a list of command hex values and go! This patch will allow your monsters to use Slot and Tools attacks, but beware of graphics and sound glitches, like with the Drill.

The small version changes the bytes in the code and adds nothing new (doesn't use new subroutines or whatever), the Mimic mod version takes up 35 bytes of space at 26669h for needed code modifications. Of course, this is only important for code writers. If you don't do 65816 assembly, just pick one, won't affect you either way. The Mimic mod simply makes Mimic targetable for monsters instead of relying on who was struck last. You don't need it to use Mimic, but you may need it to do anything worthwhile with the command.

Fixes this attack property to work correctly. In doing so, Acid Rain and Virite no longer heal the Undead (like Runic for example), and Seizure now heals the Undead as it should. Seizure is the most noticable effect of the patch since things such as Whispers on the Phantom Train no longer degenerate (along with Gau if he uses the Rage, so now it has a profitable effect).

The New Game + patch puts in an event that acts sorta like Chrono Trigger's New Game +. By talking to the guy behind the desk at the Narshe classroom in the World of Ruin, you can start your game over with everything you've gathered up to that point with a few exceptions: HP, MP, Levels, and Rare items. But you keep everything else: items, Espers, magics learned, Vigor, Speed, Stamina, and Mag.Pwr ratings. This way you can continuously power up your characters for eternity, as if being able to replay the game with all sorts of goodies weren't enough. :)

A one-byte patch that prevents the game from changing Roulette into enemy Roulette when a monster uses Roulette from its command script. Hey kids! Can you say "parrot-talk"!?

If you didn't know that there were two different Roulette spells and want to know more about them, you can look up the statistics for each in the Attack guide (see the Game docs section). Enemy Roulette can be found under 2. Command Attacks since it is an actual command (like Steal, for example).

This branches past the code that rigs Setzer's Slot command against you when trying to get attacks such as Bahamut, and leaves it to your own timing to get the right combination. At least with this, you can't blame the game when you miss the last 7. The readme also provides Game Genie codes to use on your cartridge that do the same as the patch (it only changes 4 bytes anyway). Try 1.1 if the 1.0 patch doesn't work. Neither are guaranteed, but at least I tried to make this hack work on both versions for once. ^_^

Best damn patch in the world. I'm serious. Sloppily coded and all, no better cheating patch out there. Takes the Row command and transforms it into four seperate menus: one for all 255 spells, one for all Rageable monster's Specials, one for all Unrageable enemy specials, and one for all the crap the other three left out, like Pugs' Knife, enemy Roulette, throwing knives, Megalixirs, tools, controllable Blitzes and SwdTechs, even Joker Doom! The ultimate attack cheat! Almost every attack in the game is made available to almost all of your characters in a single patch! The perfect gift for the cheating scum in your family! Play it and make me happy!

Hosted patches
Patch name
Description and perhaps my comments

Repairs the damage reduction caused by the Genji Glove so that it reduces damage done when you have two weapons. In the normal game, it lobs off 1/4 damage done when you have only one or no weapons equipped, hence the need for the fix, since obviously that just doesn't make any sense. Comes with two patches, one for FF3us (either version), one for FF6j, and also comes with detailed disassemblies of Square's bad code and Assassin's fixes.


Here's the brief description from the readme:

In FF3us, one function forgot to account for the change to 10 character enemy names from the 8 character names in FF6j. This means you'll get duplicate entries listed onscreen if you encounter a party with 2 different enemies of the same name (i.e. with the Mag Roaders; it *should* be condensed to one "Mag Roader"). The bug can also cause some enemy names to be OMITTED entirely, but that's not a risk unless you're using a ROM with custom enemies/formations and you're very unlucky or deliberate. The patch makes FF3us behave correctly, like FF6j (except there is still no display of enemy quantities).

Comes with one patch that works with both FF3us versions, and two detailed disassemblies, one for the bad code Square wrote, one for Assassin's fix.


This patch fixes the Sketch bug in FF3us v1.0. I didn't make one because I would have just copied Square's code and wasted some free space in the process (which is why it took so long, I didn't know where I should have put it), assassin's fix actually cuts seven bytes from the original code. Basically, you won't have to worry about Sketch missing and glitching the game anymore. Hooray.

Also, this is the first patch ever on the Sheet to come with an anti-patch should you want to take the patch off your ROM for some reason after permanently applying it.


Straight from the readme:

All espers have been nulled (except Crusader), only Terra and Celes can use magic, Gau has a new ability, Umaro and GoGo have super stats, and the Imp Halberd has been switched with a new weapon, among other things, most commands have been upgraded!

Game docs

Joke creations
These are made on a whim, and are either only worth your while as mere novelty value or were created as a joke.

Changes the Z's in the Sleep status' graphics to N's. Made in honor of strip 160 of Irritability (see the Links section).

A guide on how W Wind works, basic defense strategies, and who you can hit without Vanish and who you can never hit period after acquiring Terrato. The end-all guide on one of the most worthless spells you can learn in the game.

The guide idea was originally conceived by Djibriel just as a joke for his own Walkthrough thread.


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