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FF3-related links

The current host of the Sheet, which automatically sets them apart from most of the other sites here. While they try to make their game coverage as complete as they possibly can, I'd go there for the fanfiction and fanart myself if you came looking for FF6 info (simply put, if you found your way here, you either found it from CoN itself or GameFAQs, so it's not like I have to tell you much about the place), however they also cover FF1, FF4, 5, 7 and FFT, along with Chrono Trigger, so you could at least check that out.

Also, don't be afraid to visit the board; the rules may be more strict than most other sites (at least from what I've seen), but it has become a good alternative to the G'FAQs board otherwise.

Keeper of extremely trivial knowledge! Check out the ATQ archives (you're not a real FF3 fanatic if you don't!) and his documents on attack animation hacking! He did more with those than I've ever bothered with!

Also make sure to stop by the message board. What no other site covers can probably be found there. The official Glitches and Bugs guide updating thread is also there, so if you hate me for not caring anymore, start at about page 8 and read on, and read Novalia Spirit's thread while yer at it.

Where it all started, really. If the Den for whatever reason intimidates you, and R51 makes you want to scream bloody murder, try asking your query here. However, if you're looking for something with more intelligence overall, you really have no choice but to go back to CoN or the Den, 'cause this place has become less a house of knowledge and more "This week on Livin' and Friends, ebmid cries more about the Tessaiga-err-Tempest, while Livinlarav continues to play his eternal game of Phoenix Wrong: Devil's Advocate!"

Need a bugfix for a glitch not covered here or at Terii's site? Assassin might have what you need! And if he doesn't, tell him and wait two weeks! :P

If the site doesn't work, try this mirror, though beware, it's a bit slower.

Disassemblies? Bugfixes? Sprite editing? RAM offset lists? Too damn lazy to look for 65816 assembly docs yourself and want someone else to give you all you need to learn how to code for the SNES? Stop off here for your fix!

Named after what Jihad's (a.k.a. Crusader's) attack in FF6j was called (in English, Collapse of Heaven and Earth), Djibriel's site is a rising star among the FF6 and FF5 fandom, particularly FF6. He has patches to fix a bug in Celes natrual magic learning ability and access the Pugs Rage (by replacing Cactrot), along with a page dedicated to dummied FF6 material, and a few other goodies, not to mention he's the one behind that giant 2-part guide on G'FAQs. His site is also simplistic in design like mine, with one exception; he uses IMAGES. Take cover, you poor Wal-Mart dialup saps! :D

Home of the infamous program FF3usME, and a damn good though outdated offset compendium. I doubt you DON'T know about this site if you found your way here, but in case you're that one in 2.59387602 million, here it is.

Sky Render took his FF6j retranslation and joined these guys, so here's the link for you anti-Woolsey neo-nazis.

Cless' site. You can find Cless' outdated FF6 offsets guide here along with his patches, which include a script relocation/ROM expanding patch and a hardtype hack. If you check out the offsets guide, you can see what my first public FF3 ROM hacking contribution was, way back when. :)

NOTE: This is an Internet Archive link, as all AOL Hometown sites shut down October 2008.
All patch links there are dead, but the rest is intact as of this writing (10/11/2009).

One of the few sites that looks like the Sheet of old. :)

Miscellaneous data and patches here, including an incomplete patch that gives enemies the capability for 3-byte HP, a patch that implements a Cover command (yes, like Cecil in FF4), and disassembly of why Terra starts at LV. 3.

Yes, it may be a Yoshi fansite (for which you might initially end up shouting "YOU PUT THIS IN THE WRONG SECTION &@&^%$!"), but it has a few FF6-related objects such as Seiryuu, Culex, and even a LEGOKEFKA! Check it punk.

Also, because this isn't linked on the actual page: Yoshi's How to Blitz guide. Next time you run across someone begging for help on using Pummel, feed them this link and watch as they magically learn how to press left, right, and left, all in sequence without screwing up (that is, if they aren't kidding anyway)! Why this guide isn't on G'FAQs, I dunno, but God knows it NEEDS to be on the site.

For more related links, check out Mnrogar's Den.

General emulation-related and game hacking sites (SNES-related in some way anyway)

For general crap. The site's been revived, though since I don't follow emulation closely these days, whether this is a good source of current info or not isn't something I can tell ya.

'cause it's the best damn SNES emulator out there.

That other SNES emulator. There's a lot more ports of it though, and some crazies actually prefer it over ZSNES.

Ph34r the Romh. :P This site took over for the Whirlpool, and covers hacks, utilities, translations, etc. It has become a mostly user-driven site.

Lotsa codes for your hacking pleasure.

The place to go if you want to do your own PS2 hacking... unfortunately. Not only are their English skills lacking, they think "u" is a word. Gahhhh.... -_-

General game-related sites I've had even a tiny something to do with

One of the most respected video game record-keeping entites out there save for Twin Galaxies. Whereas TG cares more about scores since they've been around since the early 80's (though they do accept speed runs), SDA is all about finishing games fast and putting up the evidence for all to see, and FF3/6j is among them (hence why this link is at the top of the list). If there's a game you want to see decimated, check this site, and if it isn't there, you can always do it yourself, just like I did! :D

Wait, my name isn't listed for FF6? Of course not, I've played all the way through that game enough, thank you, and Essentia pretty much destroyed that game anyway. My runs were for .hack//INFECTION for the PS2 and Mega Man 9 on the Wii, and will be followed by .hack//G.U. vol.3//Redemption and Mega Man 8. Yeah, you don't care.

This is a game demos site that has to do with tool-assisted playthroughs. Unlike SDA (unless you count Half-Life and Portal), the videos here are unique for removing the human element from the equation, showing the absolute fastest time through a game possible. The videos here cannot be duplicated by any carbon-based beings, and cannot be beaten time-wise unless the original "player" missed something extremely vital (it happens). A lot of people looking to finish games fast find the runs here to be beneficial for learning new tricks, at least when they're in the realm of human possibility.

There's a run of FF3 there as well.'s home page for their repository of speed runs. Many, if not all of the speed runs on SDA are hosted here, along with some from TASVideos, and quite a few other speed demo videos that don't or no longer fit in with either of those two sites. If neither site above has what you seek, this would likely be the last place to look.

Home of competitive gaming and gamers who keep secrets 'cause they're bastards since 1982. TG is the site Guinness likes to pluck a lot of records from for its Gamer's Edition every year (though they have done the same with SDA in the past). Anyone over 12 can submit their speed runs and scoring runs because TG cares more about the history and competitive spirit of gaming, whether you're a king of Mega Man 9 Endless Attack like muah, a Battletoad stomper like CoN's own Caesar, or you completely and entirely suck ass at Super R-Type.

Seriously, if you want to make it known to the world how much you rule and/or blow, that's the place to do it... unless you want people to see your handiwork. You'd best go to YouTube for that (save if you play arcade games on MAME), if you're not good enough for SDA anyway.

The best site of the three I post at for .hack info. I don't visit the main site, and the people here are hit or miss in terms of attitude. If you're not already a fan of the .hack series, there's no good reason to hit this link. :\

The site is updated as needed, so while it seems out-of-date in a few sections, it really isn't. It has Quicktime movies for nearly everything, so you really should check it out if you like Metroid at all.

If you need more up-to-date info, however, you'd best hit the forums.

Lots of info on the many series of Mega Man games. I lurk on the forums from time to time, but not enough to put that info in the Contact section.

However, if you're looking for a sizable forum that's almost as laid back as Mnrogar's, that's the place to be. I say almost because they still give a crap about double posting and dupe topics (I, OTOH, do my best to not care within the confines of reason). Aside from commonplace forum-nazi tactics practiced pretty much everywhere because free speech is a menace (protection for disagreeable thought!? How obscene!), they tend to be a bit off-the-wall. Which is good.

Miscellaneous sites I find interesting that probably have to do with nothing you care for

One of the only webcomics I visit that could really use a link or two (like you really DON'T know about Penny Arcade and 8-bit Theater, go Google the links up if you're that ignorant), as I feel not enough people know of its existence. There's already an archive spanning 600+ comic strips and eight full/nearly full comics, along with a couple hundred "bad comics," for your viewing pleasure to take the edge off of the infrequent updating. The story's not real coherent though somewhat continuous, but it's about killing things, causing massive chaos, collecting treasure, destroying the world, and all sorts of random crap. And then there's Exoth, the one character in the comic I can most relate to. What's NOT to love?

Read. Now.

If you are or were a Dragonball Z fan, you've probably heard of this comic already, but there's a chance you haven't, so here it is. Basically, it's a "what if" comic of miscellaneous match-ups in comic form, like Cell vs. Dabura, Vegeta vs. himself as a giant ape, Broly vs. Vegetto... if you were a fan of the show or the manga primarily for the fighting, this is right up your alley.

I had never even heard of fandubs (aside from games) until I saw this. I think it's because until now, they weren't even worth the time of a typical GameFAQs member. Despite whatever garbage preceeded one of the best shows I've seen in a long time, you'd be a dweeb not to give The Abridged Series a shot. I haven't even watched much of YGO past what part of the real dub I tortured myself with, but I look forward more to this show than normal TV.

This link goes to the YouTube profile of LittleKuriboh, the man behind the insanity. You'll be able to see what you want from there.

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