FF6 (FF3us) Monster AI Function Tables

[Major credit for the following tables goes to "Master ZED" <masterzed@aol.com>.  Table made by "Bill_307" <Bill_307@excite.ca>.]


F0 xx yy zz Execute a random attack, either xx, yy, or zz.*
F1 xx Target one or more individuals based upon xx.  The default value without F1 is 47.
F2 xx yy zz Replacement template assigner.
F3 xx yy Display message xx yy.
F4 xx yy zz Execute a random player command, either xx, yy, or zz.*
F5 xx (yy) (zz) Enemy/template manipulator.  "F5 0C 01 FF" causes the monster to die like a boss.
F6 xx yy zz Use (xx = 00) or throw (xx > 00) a random item, either yy or zz.
F7 xx Trigger event xx.
F8 xx yz Variable manipulation, where xx is the variable ID, y is the operation, and z is the value.  The default value of each variable is 0.
F9 xx yy zz Unknown.
FA xx yy Unknown.  Effects the monster's graphics.  "FA 0C 01" causes the monster to fade to white and back once.
FB xx yy Unknown.  "FB 0B yy" causes the targetted individual to be affected by status yy.  "FB 01 36" causes the monster to become invincible.
FC xx yy zz Continute the current attack sequence if the condition, xx yy zz, is met.  Otherwise jump to the next FE.
FD Wait until the attack sequence is called upon again, then continute.  Ends the influence of F1.
FE Marks the end of an attack sequence.  Ends the influence of FC.
FF Marks the end of a set of attack sequences.  The second FF ends a monster's AI.
* Note:  When FE is used as one of the parameters (xx, yy, or zz), it means "do nothing".

F1 Parameters:

Side to Target
Individual(s) to Target
0 - 15 Enemy Actor #[Value]
36 Ally Self
37 Ally All except Self (if N/A, then targets all enemies)
38 Ally All
39 Ally Single
3D Ally Wounded (if N/A, then single)
43 Enemy All
44 Enemy Single
47 Depends upon the attack Depends upon the attack
48 Enemy Character #1
49 Enemy Character #2
4A Enemy Character #3
4B Enemy Character #4

F8 Mathematical Operations:

0z Set variable to z
8z Add z to variable
Cz Subtract z from variable

FC Parameters:

Individual Targetted
01 yy zz Monster has been attacked by commmand yy or zz. The attacker
02 yy zz Monster has been attacked by attack yy or zz. The attacker
04 yy zz Monster has been attacked by element yy.  zz is untested. The attacker
05 00 00 Monster has been attacked. An attacker (i.e. someone who has previously attacked the monster) on the same side as the attacker
06 yy zz Target (yy)'s HP is less than or equal to zz multiplied by 80 hexadecimal (128 decimal). yy
08 yy zz Target (yy) is affected by status zz. yy
09 yy zz Target (yy) is not affected by status zz. yy
0B 0F 00 3 turns have passed for the monster. Depends upon the attack
0D yy zz Variable yy is greater than or equal to zz. Depends upon the attack
0F yy zz Target actor yy.  zz is untested. Actor yy
10 yy zz Counter-attack everything?  yy and zz unknown. Unknown
12 00 00 Monster has been dispatched. The last attacker
13 01 zz There are zz monsters (including oneself) remaining. Untested
1A yy zz Target (yy) is weak against element(s) specified in zz. yy

Status Condition ID's:

00 Blind
01 Zombie
02 Poison
03 ???
04 Invisible
05 Imp
06 Petrified
07 Wound
08 Condemned
09 Near Fatal
0A Image
0B Mute
0C Berserk
0D Muddle
0E Seizure
0F Psyche (Sleep)
10 ["Dance"]
11 Regen
12 Slow
13 Haste
14 Stop
15 Shell
16 Safe
17 Reflect
18 ["Rage"]
19 Freeze
1A Life 3
1B ["Morph"]
1C [Chanting magic without using magic]
1D [Attacks automatically and is completely invisible]
1E [Interceptor will block against physical attacks]
1F Float