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3-10-10: Miscellaneous update: .hack//G.U. vol.3//Redemption hacking data

I've been posting these on the dothackers message boards strictly as direct links for, well, I forget how long, but with CoN's recent anti-hotlinking policy, it was just for the best to update the site proper with the files. It's just a zip file with texts containing a lot of my work on the game, including an incomplete guide on the use and even creation of generic playable characters from SPC's and event characters such as Aina, Tri-Edge, blah blahblahblah.

I will announce any additions to those files on the dothackers' forum if and when they happen, and only if they're significant enough for me to feel I have to do so. I really didn't want to do this, but the PS2 hacking business is picking up over there all of a sudden, and I don't have anywhere else to put them. :\

10-14-09: Site update: Links, Contact updated; what I'm doing these days

At the moment, of the projects I have in mind, these are the ones likely to meet the 1 in 4 odds of any project I declare coming to fruition, in order of likelihood:

- Mega Man 9, Endless Attack record improvement (a question of when, not if)
- Mega Man 8 speed run (don't feel like dragging myself to the store to replace my PS2 controller)
- Mega Man 9, Proto Man speed run
- .hack//G.U. vol.3//Redemption speed run
- Super R-Type points run

.hack is purely an SDA-related project, while MM8 and 9 will hopefully be related to both Speed Demos Archive and Twin Galaxies, the latter on the Proto Man run (there are two hindrances to that on the TG front, the rest is just motivation). My Endless Attack record currently stands at 3,621 screens, but I'm greedy and want 5000+ before I consider dropping the project for good.

Redemption is fourth because I'm still burned out, and while I'm actually a bit psyched about the Super R-Type project, I have never in my adult life seriously played any shoot-'em-ups. My best claim to fame in more recent years would be beating Contra III on normal somewhat painlessly, and that was a few back. Prior to 2000, I look like the guys currently on the Super R-Type board at TG, or to clarify if you don't want to go there, like I've never played those games in any form in my life.

And I'm making it a project to take on what may be the hardest R-Type game ever.

Oh boy. X_X

The only other thing I'm considering is starting a blog finally, which I believe I brought up here in the past. In fact, as I recall, I stated I might turn this page you're reading into a blog.

Well, that won't happen. A blog on a separate site, however, might. I haven't thought of where I'd set this up yet, but I'll update this page again if I open one.

As for why the Sheet's been dead for so long, it's because I have no Final Fantasy-related or even Square-related projects lined up (I'm hosted on CoN without advertising, the least I can do is stay on-topic). I did consider one hack, but the balance issues would have been absolute murder, being a full-game hack of something that's not been tried in an RPG before that my ignorant self knows of and all (it's on Mnrogar's board if you really want to know about it). It practically would've been its own game, and ultimately due to the balance testing required, I decided I wanted to do other things. One of my dirty little secrets, after all, is that I only take up hacking when I feel I need to.

Should a Square-related project come up, the Sheet will return.

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