DBZ Hyper Dimension Offset Guide

by Master ZED

1. Random crap starring Cell the Glitch!
2. Fighter Palettes
3. 'nother Mystery Section
4. Furiza's technique stats
App. A: Miscellaneous ROM Addresses


1. Random crap starring Cell the Glitch!
Range: estimated 130500h to 140000h (might be farther or shorter)
How to manipulate: unknown as of now
What it can do: As of now, all I can do is glitch the game when using Cell. If you only corrupt different points in the range you'll only corrupt certain moves. I'm not sure how it fazes graphics though. Sometimes corrupted moves will freeze the game (ex. I managed to corrupt only the all-directional Ki Blast, used it once, messed up everything, but the second time the game freezes), so it's not just graphics being messed up.

2. Fighter Palettes
Range: B0000h to B2000h?
There are different palettes for different areas, like for the burning city on Earth and Namek, the different times of the day for the rest of Earth: noon, dusk, and night, and even alternate costumes. There are also custom intro palettes in cases such as Freeza and even Gohan, though the latter is barely noticable as it's only up for about half a second. All of the major palettes have been found, the ones I'm missing are for ones like Goku's normal hair and for the guy Mr. Buu tortures when he wins a sky battle.


The palettes used by a character's alternate costume are listed in parentheses.
The night palette is also used for Namek.

Palette list:

B0000 (B0020)= Noon
B0040 (B0060)= Dusk
B0080 (B00A0)= Night
B00C0 (B00E0)= Fire
B0200 (B0220)= Noon
B0240 (B0260)= Dusk
B0280 (B02A0)= Night
B02C0 (B02E0)= Fire
B0300 (B0320)= Charge up (Noon)
B0340 (B0360)= Charge up (Dusk)
B0380 (B03A0)= Charge up (Night)
B03C0 (B03E0)= Charge up (Fire)
B0400 (B0420)= Winning pose on the ground (Noon)
B0440 (B0460)= Winning pose on the ground (Dusk)
B0480 (B04A0)= Winning pose on the ground (Night)
B04C0 (B04E0)= Winning pose on the ground (Fire)
B0A80 (B0AA0)= Noon
B0AC0 (B0AE0)= Dusk
B0B00 (B0B20)= Night
B0B40 (B0B60)= Fire
B0B80 (B0BA0)= Charge up (Noon)
B0BC0 (B0BE0)= Charge up (Dusk)
B0C00 (B0C20)= Charge up (Night)
B0C40 (B0C60)= Charge up (Fire)
B0C80 thru B0E2F: Ehh... you figure it out for now. Used in the Intro palette, some palettes are used by both regular and alternate costumes. Also probably has the remaining Goten and Trunks palettes.
B0E30 (B0E50)= Goten & Trunks (Night)
B0E70 (B0E90)= Goten & Trunks (Fire)
B0500 (B0520)= Noon
B0540 (B0560)= Dusk
B0580 (B05A0)= Night
B05C0 (B05E0)= Fire
B0600 (B0620)= Intro & Charge up (Noon)
B0640 (B0660)= Charge up (Dusk)
B0680 (B06A0)= Charge up (Night)
B06C0 (B06E0)= Charge up (Fire)
B0EB0 (B0ED0)= Noon
B0EF0 (B0F10)= Dusk
B0F30 (B0F50)= Night
B0F70 (B0F90)= Fire
B0FB0 (B0FD0)= Charge up (Noon)
B0FF0 (B1010)= Charge up (Dusk)
B1030 (B1050)= Charge up (Night)
B1070 (B1090)= Charge up (Fire)
B10B0 (B10D0)= Intro
B10F0 (B1110)= Noon
B1130 (B1150)= Dusk
B1170 (B1190)= Night
B11B0 (B11D0)= Fire
B11F0 (B1210)= Charge up (Noon)
B1230 (B1250)= Charge up (Dusk)
B1270 (B1290)= Charge up (Night)
B12B0 (B12D0)= Charge up (Fire)
B12F0 (B1310)= Intro
Mr. Buu:
B1A70 (B1A90)= Noon
B1AB0 (B1AD0)= Dusk
B1AF0 (B1B10)= Night
B1B30 (B1B50)= Fire
Majin Buu:
B1870 (B1890)= Noon
B18B0 (B18D0)= Dusk
B18F0 (B1910)= Night
B1930 (B1950)= Fire
B1970 (B1990)= Charge up (Noon)
B19B0 (B19D0)= Charge up (Dusk)
B19F0 (B1A10)= Charge up (Night)
B1A30 (B1A50)= Charge up (Fire)
B07C0 (B07E0)= Noon
B0800 (B0820)= Dusk
B0840 (B0860)= Night
B0880 (B08A0)= Fire
B08C0 (B08E0)= Charge up (Noon)
B0900 (B0920)= Charge up (Dusk)
B0940 (B0960)= Charge up (Night)
B0980 (B09A0)= Charge up (Fire)
B09C0= Intro (Most of sequence)
B09E0= Intro (Seemingly one frame, near the end)
B0A00= Intro (Seemingly one frame, near the end)
B0A20= Intro (Seemingly one frame, near the end)
B0A40= Intro (Seemingly one frame, near the end)
B0A60= Intro (Seemingly one frame, last transformation part)
B13F0 (B1410)= Noon
B1430 (B1450)= Dusk
B1470 (B1490)= Night
B14B0 (B14D0)= Fire
B14F0 (B1510)= Charge up (Noon)
B1530 (B1550)= Charge up (Dusk)
B1570 (B1590)= Charge up (Night)
B15B0 (B15D0)= Charge up (Fire)
B15F0 (B1610)= Desperation Attack Transformation (2 frames, Noon)
B1630 (B1650)= Desperation Attack Transformation (2 frames, Dusk)
B1670 (B1690)= Desperation Attack Transformation (2 frames, Night)
B16B0 (B16D0)= Desperation Attack Transformation (2 frames, Fire)
B16F0 (B1710)= Intro (Before transformation)
B1730 (B1750)= Intro (During transformation)
B1770 (B17B0)= Intro (1 frame after the previous 2 intro palettes)
B1790= Intro (After the previous one)

This section is finished unless someone wants to add on to it (like specifying what those palettes are that I didn't bother to list individually under Gotenks).

3. 'nother Mystery Section
Range: A8000 to A92AF (4,783 bytes)
Something to do with the character select screen, Goku, and Vegeta.
Dunno how to manipulate, every change I made resulted in a blackout.

4. Furiza's technique stats
Location= 1E9790 Size= 5 bytes?

Byte 1: Max damage done
Byte 2: Dizzy potential (10h and higher = instant dizzy)
Bytes 3-5: ?????

Laser: 1E9790
Kienzan: 1E9795
Ground laser: 1E979A
Black hole ball: 1E979F
Death ball: 1E97A4

App. A: Miscellaneous ROM Addresses
I tried converting these to GG codes but couldn't. I need to practice some more I guess, or its the SA-1 cow chip, but then if it is, I didn't know it f'ed up GG codes as well so that would be news to me.

Story Mode:

byte 1 = Extra Offensive Power
byte 2 = Extra Defensive Power
byte 3 & 4 = Starting/max energy
Note: There seems to be a fight missing, so if there's anything missing or wrong with the list, that's why.

Piccolo vs Freeza:
Piccolo- 81CA
Freeza- 81CE
Goku vs. Freeza:
Goku- 81D2
Freeza- 81D6
Vegeta vs Cell:
Vegeta- 81DA
Cell- 81DE
Goku vs. Cell:
Goku- 81E2
Cell- 81E6
Goku vs. Vegeta:
Goku- 81EA
Vegeta- 81EE
Vegeta vs. Mr. Buu:
Vegeta- 81F2
Mr. Buu- 81F6
Goku vs. Mr. Buu:
Goku- 81FA
Mr. Buu- 81FE
Goku vs. Buu:
Goku- 8202
Buu- 8206
Vegeta vs. Buu:
Vegeta- 820A
Buu- 820E
Mr. Buu vs. Buu:
Mr. Buu- 8212
Buu- 8216
Goku vs. Buu:
Goku- 821A
Buu- 821E
Gohan vs. Gotenks:
Gohan- 8222
Gotenks- 8226
Goku vs. Gohan:
Goku- 822A
Gohan- 822E
Gohan vs. Vegetto:
Gohan- 823A
Vegetto- 823E
Vs. and Practice:
100B3-4= Starting energy for both players

Infinite Energy PAR Codes:

003160?? - P1 Energy

003260?? - P2 Energy